U.S. Supreme Court

Times-Palin ruling good for free speech, press

Sarah Palin

The court’s decision upholds First Amendment laws that protect not only journalists, but also members of the public who express political opinions.
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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Speaks About Her New Book at Newseum Institute Event

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She and three other presenters covered her “greatest hits” over the course of her legal career.
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Newseum to host mock court case Pear v. United States on June 15

Pear v. United States

Join us as the issues involved in the Apple cellphone controversy are argued before a mock U.S. Supreme Court.
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Justice Breyer Holds Court at the Newseum

NBC News Justice correspondent Pete Williams and associate justice Stephen Breyer

Associate justice Stephen Breyer discussed the current challenges for the Supreme Court at a special program Feb. 25 at the Newseum.
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Justice Scalia’s disastrous decision on religious freedom

Justice Scalia was no defender of religious freedom. On the contrary, Scalia authored Employment Division v. Smith, the landmark 1990 Supreme Court decision that all but erased the Free Exercise clause from the First Amendment.
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Justice Scalia: The 45 words — and original meaning — of the First Amendment

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Scalia, 79, who died Saturday, was a proud and most-recent Supreme Court advocate of “textual originalism” throughout his legal career and three-decade tenure as a justice.
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Debate over ‘blue collar’ free speech and union dues

The immediate issue before the court has to do with whether a public employee, non-union member still must pay a “fair share” of dues to the union that negotiates wages and benefits that all workers enjoy.
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Justice Kennedy Invokes Time-Honored First Amendment Doctrine

Justice Anthony Kennedy

Another in the periodic Newseum Institute series about U.S. Supreme Court justices and their memorable comments on our First Amendment freedoms.
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What are today’s greatest threats to free speech?

free speech

What are the greatest threats to free speech? A recent free-speech discussion co-sponsored by the Newseum Institute and Spiked magazine posed that question. Here are my choices.
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Supreme Court to consider ‘association rights’ of public workers

If the Court adopts the rationale of the 3rd Circuit in the Heffernan v. City of Paterson case, more than 22 million public employees nationwide could be fired or demoted merely if their bosses mistakenly perceive them to be affiliated with different political campaigns.
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