U.S. Court of Appeals

Freedom of Religion and Worshiping in Texas Prisons Brown v. Collier (2019)

Praying open palms

Muslim inmates who were previously allowed to participate in group worship under indirect supervision must now await volunteers to facilitate directly supervised religious gatherings.
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A ‘More Modest’ Approach: Making Lemonade Without Lemon

Peace Cross

A recent court case deliberated over the deconstruction of the Bladensburg Cross due to citizens regarding it to be offending rather then a memorial honoring WW1 soldiers.
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Qualified Immunity Once Again Protects Prison Officials

Jail, prison, stock

A recent decision from a U.S. Court of Appeals rejected two First Amendment claims by an inmate based on qualified immunity.
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Supreme Court to consider ‘association rights’ of public workers

If the Court adopts the rationale of the 3rd Circuit in the Heffernan v. City of Paterson case, more than 22 million public employees nationwide could be fired or demoted merely if their bosses mistakenly perceive them to be affiliated with different political campaigns.
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Court Finds First Amendment Problems with Ban on Unattended, Charitable Bins

Planet Aid

Imposing a ban on outdoor, unattended charitable donation bins likely violates the First Amendment, a federal appeals court has ruled, in a battle between Planet Aid and officials in St. Johns, Mich.
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Why 3rd Circuit ruled in favor of students’ off-campus Net posts

The much-anticipated rulings from the full 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals have interpreted a key U.S. Supreme Court precedent as inapplicable to lewd, vulgar student Internet speech made off
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5th Circuit extends limits on student speech

When the U.S. Supreme Court in June decided Morse v. Frederick, reasons existed for believing the ruling would not significantly restrict the rights of student speakers. The decision upholding the
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Tinkering with Tinker standards?

Can a public school prevent a student from wearing T-shirts with anti-gay messages? Does a public school engage in impermissible viewpoint discrimination by promoting a day of tolerance for gay
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