The First Five Podcast

Podcast: Free Spirits, or Discussing the State of the First Amendment Over Drinks

First Amendment

What do Americans know about the First Amendment, and how do they feel about issues like social media policies, campus speech and the relationship between the press and the President? 
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Podcast: Protecting Dissent

While most people are distracted by watching the White House, states are trying to pass laws that will chill the freedom to protest.
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Podcast: Context, Please


How can the news media help people understand complex issues? By providing a little context.
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Podcast: Deconstructing the “Gay Wedding Cake” Case

Lata Nott delves into one of the most controversial cases on the Supreme Court’s docket this year, Masterpiece Cakeshop, and what the Court’s decision means for First Amendment and LGBTQ rights.
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Podcast: How do you solve a problem like Facebook?


Can sites like Facebook censor fake news and hate speech? Can the government make them? And if so–is that a good idea?
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Podcast: Diversity in the Newsroom

Gene Policinski talks with the Women’s Media Center about their recent report on the status of women of color in the American media.
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Podcast: Reporting as a Survivor

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Four student journalists at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School describe the experience of reporting on the shooting that occurred at their own school.
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Podcast: Censoring Student Journalists

Herriman Telegram

Does freedom of the press apply to high school students? Lata Nott interviews two student journalists about their fight to publish a story their school censored.
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Podcast: The First Amendment and Symbolic Speech

NFL players take a knee

Expressive acts, like kneeling during the national anthem or burning the American flag, are considered “symbolic speech” — but are they protected under the First Amendment?
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