student speech

Censoring Students for Pro-Trump Clothing is Problematic

Trump, MAGA, hat, free speech

Students have the right to engage in political speech at school. Censorship is not the answer.
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Violent-themed Student Speech

In the wake of Columbine, school officials have taken to treating all violent-themed student speech as true threats.
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Students Made Noise and Put the Best of the First Amendment on Display

Thousands of people and Newseum visitors put their First Amendment freedoms in action during the March for Our Lives weekend.
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Are high schools teaching students to devalue free speech?

When high school students are threatened and punished for using their First Amendment rights, is it any wonder they show intolerance of free speech as they enter college?
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Newseum to Host Program With Student Journalists From Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

The Eagle Eye journalists will be in Washington, D.C., to attend the “March for Our Lives” rally on March 24.
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School walkouts in the wake of ‘Parkland’ — protected by the First Amendment or not?

Parkland student protests

As the youth movement around gun control gains steam, some schools have threatened students with suspension and other consequences if they protest on school grounds.
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Students Have an “Alternate Understanding” of the First Amendment

Threats to Campus Free Speech

Newseum President and CEO Jeffrey Herbst argues that students increasingly believe in the “right to non-offensive speech.”
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Sexually Explicit Picture Not Fighting Words, Rules Colorado Appeals Court

The court found that a 14-year-old did not commit disorderly conduct because the explicit picture he drew was protected by the First Amendment.
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Federal Appeals Court Upholds Removal of College Student for Facebook Posts

A public college had the authority to remove a nursing student from its program for Facebook posts without violating the First Amendment, a federal appeals court has ruled. The decision
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Federal Judge: School Officials Justified in Suspending Student for Cyberbullying

What happens when cyberbullying laws and policies collide with a student’s First Amendment free-speech claims? A recent federal district court decision out of New Jersey recently struck the balance in
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