First Five: The First Amendment in the 21st century, banning panhandlers, Yik Yak, and Quentin Tarantino

First Five

Scouring the web for First Amendment news is our job. Enjoy First Five, your regular dose of First Amendment news.
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When students protest abortion, can schools draw the line?

Students with deep religious convictions are fast turning public schools into the newest battleground over abortion – much to the dismay of beleaguered school officials.
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Trying to stifle student reporting just won’t work

Potential embarrassment or damage to a school’s reputation does not justify censoring the student publication’s reporting on an incident involving a teacher.
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Judge lacks First Amendment right to insult litigants

A judge has no First Amendment right to belittle and berate litigants in her courtroom, the Washington Supreme Court ruled in ordering that a state district judge be suspended for
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Don’t make me laugh, they might sue you

What is it about humor that all too often results in situations that decidedly are not a laughing matter?

Free speech in comedy attracts controversy as well as belly laughs, and in the case of two “South Park” television episodes this season that attempted to feature the Prophet Muhammad, even death threats.
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