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Federal Appeals Court Grants Qualified Immunity to University Officials, Denies Medical Student’s First Amendment Claim for Punishment Over Social Media Post

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A previous U.S. Supreme Court’s qualified immunity decision, continues to do significant damage in First Amendment jurisprudence. In this case, regards to punishing a university student for an off-campus Facebook post.
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Are social media companies going “too far” to regulate content on their platforms?

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Americans are no longer taking everything they see on the internet at face value — and that’s a good thing for our democracy.
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Across Global Elections, Social Media Spreads Political Propaganda and Disinformation

RSF, Reporters Without Borders, Vote

These elections showcase the prominent role social media plays in the democratic process. It’s a crucial source of political information for voters — and a potential vehicle for misinformation.
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Sri Lanka Temporarily Blocks Social Media — Public Safety or Censorship?

Is the government taking a necessary step to ensure the safety of its people? Or is it a misguided act of censorship?
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A Growing List: 2019 Threats to First Amendment Freedoms

More of us than ever appear concerned about our First Amendment rights than at any time in the past 25 years.
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Making the Web, Social Media ‘Better’ Places — with Caution

We need to temper calls to “protect” ourselves from that which we do not like, lest we replace such with sanitized content intended to pacify rather than inform.
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Trump’s Use of Twitter Puts Him in Constitutional Hot Water

Supreme Court

The president’s tweets may be used against him in court in two separate legal battles.
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Newseum’s ‘Today’s Front Pages’ Exhibit Goes Dark


On Monday, as part of its #WithoutNews campaign, the Newseum also recognized journalists who died covering the news in 2016.
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Why Social Media Keeps Failing Us

Social media may never strike the right balance between free expression and safety, decency and truth.
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First Amendment Doesn’t Protect Public Employees from All Facebook Posts

A recent Tennessee case shows that there are limits to free-speech protection for public employees who cross certain boundaries.
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