religious freedom

Trump’s Use of Twitter Puts Him in Constitutional Hot Water

Supreme Court

The president’s tweets may be used against him in court in two separate legal battles.
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When it comes to our freedoms, is a C+ grade good enough?

First Amendment Report Card

In a report card issued by the First Amendment Center of the Newseum Institute, the First Amendment gets a barely passing grade.
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ISPU Will Announce Results of American Muslim Poll at Newseum


The announcement will be followed by a panel discussion on the American Muslim community.
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“Welcoming the Stranger” in the Age of Trump

Immigrants rights protest

Religious individuals and communities offer sanctuary to undocumented people, defending their actions as acts of religious conscience protected by the First Amendment.
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Haynes: Op-ed in The Washington Post

Charles C. Haynes

The Religious Freedom Center’s founding director, Charles C. Haynes, writes for The Washington Post on why many are concerned about a federal report on civil rights.
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Video: Charles Haynes on Recent State Religious Freedom Laws

Charles Haynes

In response to recent religious exemption laws that jeopardize LGBT rights, religious liberty expert Charles Haynes proposes common ground.
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Religious diversity, school calendars and the quest for fairness

Religious monopolies like the one enjoyed for so long by Protestants in public schools are antithetical to religious freedom. We can disagree on how best to move from monopoly to diversity, but we should work together toward the shared goal of fairness and equity for all.
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After Gay Marriage, Can We Move from Battleground to Common Ground?

State of the First Amendment 2015

In recent years, religious freedom — or, more precisely, religious freedom claims — have been front and center in the battle over same-sex marriage.
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Indiana’s new “religious freedom” law faces critics, history

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence defends his state’s new “religious freedom restoration” law, saying that “this bill is not about discrimination,” despite critics’ claims that it will be used for just that purpose — particularly against LGBT citizens.
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Newseum-Pulitzer Center Series Continues March 12

Misha Friedman

“Crackdown in the New Russia” is the second in a series of programs focusing on international reporting and the influence of religion on public attitudes toward LGBT people.
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