In 2014, Marriage and Contraception Dominated U.S. Religion News

Marriage and Contraception

As expected, marriage and contraception dominated 2014’s domestic religion news headlines. At this time last year, same-sex marriage was legal in fifteen states, plus the District of Columbia. Today, 70 percent
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First Amendment Protection for Religious Signage to be Tested

Good News Presbyterian Church

A legal spat over temporary signs informing people of upcoming religious services may not seem important to free-speech jurisprudence, but the upcoming case of Reed v. Town of Gilbert is significant and cuts to the heart of First Amendment doctrine.
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“I’d do it again in a minute,” former Vice President Dick Cheney asserted, without remorse, on NBC’s Meet the Press. The “it” he was referring to was the Central Intelligence
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A Legal Approach to Questions about Religious Diversity

Religious Diversity

Academic legal research and the associated method of legal analysis can significantly enhance the study of religion. Scholars of American religions cite legal cases but often do not apply the
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Marriage and Contraception Will Dominate 2014’s Religion Headlines

gay marriage

On the domestic front, there are two obvious frontrunners for the religion headlines likely to predominate in 2014. Both involve imminent decisions by the US Supreme Court: same-sex marriage and
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Theolegal Officials

The United States is comprised of a religiously diverse citizenry, which leaves officials to balance the tension upheld by a constitution that simultaneously prevents the establishment of a national creed
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Liberty: A Vote or a Veto?

Hobby Lobby

Over 92 bills in 32 state legislatures have been introduced to prevent “religious laws” from being used in court decisions–that is, non-Christian “religious laws.” Seven states successfully turned these bills into law,
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Legislative prayers, the Supreme Court’s self-created quagmire

When the U.S. Supreme Court declared legislative prayers constitutional 30 years ago, the justices sent a convoluted message to legislatures, city councils and other government bodies.
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Graduation prayer, fighting over a lost cause

School officials in Lake City, Arkansas have come up with a novel solution to the fight over prayer at graduation: No prayer, no graduation.
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No flowers for gay wedding: Discrimination or religious freedom?

Lawsuit against a florist who refused to do flower arrangements for a gay wedding pits rights of citizens to be free from discrimination in places of public accommodation against the rights of religious business owners to follow their conscience in matters of faith.
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