prisoners rights

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Inmate’s First Amendment Retaliation Claims


The Third Circuit recognizes that prisoners do not forfeit all of their free-speech rights behind bars.
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Memo to jail officials: Rethink postcard-only policies

Jails across the country have imposed restrictive postcard-only mail policies for inmates. The only mail the inmates can receive are metered postcards — no private letters from family members, no
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Ruling against expression is no music to inmates’ ears

“Prison walls do not form a barrier separating the inmate from the protections of the Constitution.” So wrote Justice Sandra Day O’Connor in the 1987 decision Turner v. Safley. But
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Turner v. Safley: high drama, enduring precedent

When one thinks of famous litigants or important First Amendment decisions, the name Leonard Safley and the case Turner v. Safley do not immediately spring to mind. That’s because Leonard
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Justice Thomas and prisoners’ freedom of expression

Justice Clarence Thomas — the U.S. Supreme Court’s ultimate originalist — has garnered attention for his contentious confirmation hearings, his reticence at oral argument, and his independent vision in interpreting
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