Press Commentary

The White House is wrong. A free press is ‘the people’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Newseum Institute President Gene Policinski’s op-ed in the Austin American-Statesman looks at the historic tension between the press and the president.
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Who brings us the news? Men, mostly

Gender disparities still exist in news organizations, from sheer numbers to the topics men and women typically report on.
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What a strange year it’s been for First Amendment freedoms

The First Amendment and the power of fear

What a strange, challenging and dangerous year it’s been for First Amendment freedoms, at home and abroad.
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A reminder to remember — rededicating the Journalists Memorial

Journalists Memorial

On Monday, June 8, in Washington, D.C., a group will stop and remember what we all would like to forget – but should never put out of our minds.
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Revisiting, reexamining the news — with a free press purpose

Baltimore riots

The public furor and the televised flames that reached from Ferguson to Baltimore have faded – for now – from the headlines. For some, consideration of how the news of those events was reported remains very much in mind — an aspect of First Amendment freedoms we don’t often consider.
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A new world of ‘real video’ holds all of us accountable


We certainly can “see” more than ever in this era of 24/7 news, omnipresent street surveillance, police “body cams” and cell phone video – and that fits nicely into the First Amendment’s role in providing for both press and citizen “watchdogs on government.”
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Rolling Stone lesson: Tracking down facts does matter — a lot

Rolling Stone

An old slam on tabloid journalism was that its best practitioners “never let the facts get in the way of a good story.” Rolling Stone magazine’s abject retraction of a 2014 article offers a new twist on that old saw — never let a lack of facts get in the way, either.
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You can’t make this up — and, well, you shouldn’t

Brian Williams and Jon Stewart

On the very day America’s top real news anchor gets suspended for telling fake news, the nation’s leading anchor of a mock news program tells us he’s leaving his job — really.
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Indiana’s new “JustIn” — Thankfully, on the way out

Inside the First Amendment

Indiana Governor Mike Pence has terminated development of a state-run, state-funded news operation which reportedly would have published stories based on state-written news releases about state programs, policies and government officials.
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A tough question: Just how ‘Je Suis Charlie’ to be?

Je Suis Charlie

After one week, a tough question already is being asked: Just how “JeSuisCharlie” (I am Charlie) should we be?
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