Countering Conspiracy Theories with Critical Thinking

Online, Laptop

Conspiracy theories are growing, alongside their consequences, but it is possible to help limit their spread and harmful effects.
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Are Religious People Really Ignorant About Religion?

People Praying

The answer to that question depends entirely on what we think it means to know about religion.
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Freedom Forum Institute and Public Media Journalists Association Partner on Workplace Integrity Training for Member Stations

PSP Tote Feature

PMJA will select two public media stations to receive workplace integrity workshops — free of charge.
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When Is a Religious Symbol Not a Religious Symbol?


The Supreme Court case that explores whether courts or government agencies are competent to adjudicate what is religious and what is not.
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We Once Went “MAD” for the Magazine — and It Was Fun and Funny

MAD Magazine, Mascot

The world is soon going to be a little bit less MAD — and the poorer for it.
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“Speaking Freely” Friday: Robert Redford

Each week, we feature a video short from our archived “Speaking Freely” programs. Today, Robert Redford, the legendary actor, film director, producer, environmentalist and Sundance Film Festival founder discusses censorship, the day newspapers started answering to shareholders, and what Sundance is all about.
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First Five: The First Amendment in the 21st century, banning panhandlers, Yik Yak, and Quentin Tarantino

First Five

Scouring the web for First Amendment news is our job. Enjoy First Five, your regular dose of First Amendment news.
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