President’s press credential threat will be ‘trumped’ by the First Amendment

Trump at news conference

Here’s how the media should respond to President Trump’s threat to block reporters from White House press briefings.
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Newseum Launches Initiative to Combat Sexual Misconduct in the Media

Power Shift Project

The initiative is based on solutions identified in a new report, which addresses workplace sexual misconduct as a real and urgent problem masked by silence and enabled by power imbalance.
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In Rio, working on journalism’s future

If you want to see the future of journalism and the benefits of a free press, at least some of it can be seen in parts of this huge South American nation.
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‘What Went Wrong’ at Rolling Stone?

Rolling Stone

In every conceivable way, Rolling Stone magazine flunked the basic tenets of Journalism 101. Now, in the aftermath of a scathing report and a lawsuit, the magazine is learning that being wrong comes with a steep price.
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Video: Women in Sports Media

Women in Sports Media

On Dec. 6, 2014, during a “Journalism/Works” program in the Newseum’s Knight TV Studio, the Newseum Institute explored the experiences and challenges faced by some of the top female sports journalists working today.
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