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Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Man with Vanity Plate, ‘IM GOD’

License Plates_Feature

Kentucky man sued in federal court alleging a violation of his First Amendment free-speech rights, denying him a vanity license plate with the message “IM GOD.”
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Federal Judge Rules Georgia Sheriff Violated the First Amendment by Posting Signs in Sex Offenders’ Yards

Halloween House

A federal district court has ruled that a Georgia sheriff violated the First Amendment by posting signs in front of sex offenders’ homes for kids not to trick-or-treat there.
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Federal Judge Rules Kentucky Governor’s Facebook and Twitter Accounts are Government Speech

Kentucky Governor Matt G. Bevin can remove people from his official Twitter and Facebook pages without violating the First Amendment, a federal district court judge has ruled in denying those
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Where should we bar the Confederate flag — and not?

South Carolina Statehouse

The court’s verdict is in – and it’s one rooted in the First Amendment, even if the decision is to retire a bit of expressive speech, the Confederate battle flag, from public view.
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Confederate Flag Plates Ruled Government Speech

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Even when you select a specialty license plate for your car, it’s the government speaking, the U.S Supreme Court ruled Thursday.
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