Freedom of religion

First Amendment Earns a C+ on Winter 2018 Report Card

First Amendment

An antagonistic presidential administration caused the press freedom “grade” to suffer, while freedoms of speech and assembly saw slight improvement.
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Full 4th Circuit Invalidates Legislator-Led Prayer, Could Lead to Supreme Court Review

The 4th and 5th Circuits disagree on whether legislator-led prayers before public meetings violate the Establishment Clause.
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Fear and loathing in America

Trump’s outrageous, un-American and unconstitutional proposal is the latest escalation of his ongoing campaign to demonize Islam and Muslims. He has already informed us that, if elected, he will consider closing mosques and registering American Muslims.
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Holidays, public schools and what it means to be “American”

Battles this month over holidays in public schools — from Halloween in Connecticut to Christmas in Indiana — are about far more than witches, ghosts, Santa Claus, or Jesus.
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First Five: Gay marriage in Kentucky, social media ban for college athletes, and protected spanking

Scouring the web for First Amendment news is our job. Enjoy First Five, your regular dose of First Amendment news.
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Olympic fiasco: Awarding Beijing rewards persecution

Last week, the International Olympic Committee awarded Beijing the 2022 Winter Games, demonstrating yet again that selection of a host city has everything to do with politics, money and power — and nothing whatsoever to do with human rights.
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