freedom of assembly

We Should Protest Proposed Restrictions on White House Protests

White House

The National Park Service has proposed new regulations and is considering new fees that thousands fear will dissuade most demonstrators from protesting at the White House.
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These Two States Are Pushing Laws to Criminalize Some Protests

Police at Protest

In the expressed interest of protecting critical infrastructure, these laws are designed to prevent protests that take place on or even near infrastructure sites.
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First Amendment Earns a C+ on Winter 2018 Report Card

First Amendment

An antagonistic presidential administration caused the press freedom “grade” to suffer, while freedoms of speech and assembly saw slight improvement.
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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Protest

Mosque protesters and counter-protesters were prevented from exercising their right to assemble by the intervention of a third group. The two opposing groups of protesters left to get lunch together.
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Freedom of Assembly and Edwards v. South Carolina: Protecting the Peaceful Expression of Unpopular Views

How freedom of assembly was upheld during the Civil Rights Movement, and how those laws protect our right to protest today.
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