Free press

For source of fake reporter ‘robocall,’ look under a rock


The fake robocall was a disgusting attempt to discredit reporters investigating the sexual misconduct allegations against Senate candidate Roy Moore.
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‘A journalist by any other name’ … should just report

Donald Trump is mad at the press

Donald Trump is mad at the press. Many in the press are mad at Donald Trump. And much of the public apparently is mad at both.
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Freedom: From dream to reality, facing a tough path

Freedom certainly is the stuff of life for a democracy. For each of us living in the United States, it means freedom “from” — from fear, from harassment, imprisonment or worse, simply for holding unpopular views.
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A free press in ‘time of war’ — or at home — is not the enemy

A new Department of Defense “Law of War” manual distributed in June opens the door for U.S. military commanders — and, ominously, for repressive regimes around the world — to deem reporters who operate outside of official channels and who resist censorship as “unprivileged belligerents.”
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