Lessons from Brooklyn

America, Flag, U.S.

To have equity for people of all religions and none, we must guarantee fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for all — not just for the people who look like us and believe the same things we do.
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2018 Chips Quinn Scholars Program Kicks off in Nashville, Tenn.

Chips Quinn Scholars 25th Anniversary

The program, which is the Freedom Forum Institute’s most enduring diversity initiative, provides training and mentoring for aspiring student journalists.
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Podcast: Diversity in the Newsroom

Gene Policinski talks with the Women’s Media Center about their recent report on the status of women of color in the American media.
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Newseum Launches Initiative to Combat Sexual Misconduct in the Media

Power Shift Project

The initiative is based on solutions identified in a new report, which addresses workplace sexual misconduct as a real and urgent problem masked by silence and enabled by power imbalance.
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Holidays, public schools and what it means to be “American”

Battles this month over holidays in public schools — from Halloween in Connecticut to Christmas in Indiana — are about far more than witches, ghosts, Santa Claus, or Jesus.
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