civil rights

2018 Free Expression Awards Recipients Announced

Free Expression Awards

1968 Olympics protesters, reporters who uncovered workplace harassment to receive Newseum’s Free Expression Awards.
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‘Freedom’ is best response to white supremacy hatemongers

Charlottesville protesters

Attempts to censor neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups is a betrayal of our nation’s core principles — not to mention ineffective and counterproductive.
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“Welcoming the Stranger” in the Age of Trump

Immigrants rights protest

Religious individuals and communities offer sanctuary to undocumented people, defending their actions as acts of religious conscience protected by the First Amendment.
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‘I am America’

Muhammad Ali

“I am America,” Muhammad Ali famously declared. “I am the part you won’t recognize. But get used to me – black, confident, cocky; my name, not yours; my religion, not yours; my goals, my own. Get used to me.”
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Remembering 1960 civil rights victory in ‘Bates v. Little Rock’

Little Rock Nine and Daisy Bates

Fifty-five years ago this month, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that protected the free-association rights of the NAACP and a heroine of the civil rights movement, Daisy Bates.
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Jewish Voices from the Selma-to-Montgomery March

Selma Civil Rights March

The participation of so many Jews in the civil rights movement was formative for an entire generation of American Jews.
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Recognizing a Civil Rights Landmark

Fifty years ago today — Jan. 14, 1963 — the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated a Virginia law that was being used to quash the work of the National Association for
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Commemorating landmark free-association victory

Fifty years ago today on June 30, 1958, the Supreme Court issued a ruling vitally important to the civil rights movement and First Amendment jurisprudence. That day, the high court
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African-American First Amendment heroes

African-Americans have contributed mightily to the cause of the First Amendment for many years. Many fundamental First Amendment freedoms were forged during the era of the civil rights movement in
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NAACP’s Julian Bond speaks on First Amendment and his Supreme Court triumph

One in a series of interviews with principals involved in First Amendment-related U.S. Supreme Court cases (see “SCT interview” keyword below). The First Amendment still represents the key to positive
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