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Regular commentary from the Freedom Forum Institute on First Amendment issues is now distributed under the “First Five” banner — which also includes a podcast and a weekly newsletter.

Freedom Forum Institute and Public Media Journalists Association Partner on Workplace Integrity Training for Member Stations

PSP Tote Feature

PMJA will select two public media stations to receive workplace integrity workshops — free of charge.
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Then and Now, Flag Burner Benefits From 1989 First Amendment Ruling

United States Flag

Thirty years ago, the Supreme Court handed down a landmark free speech decision, ruling that burning the U.S. flag was a form of “expressive conduct.”
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First Five Newsletter: July 11, 2019

First Five

Trump’s unconstitutional Twitter usage, journalism about climate change, blocking anti-Semitism in schools and more.
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When Is a Religious Symbol Not a Religious Symbol?


The Supreme Court case that explores whether courts or government agencies are competent to adjudicate what is religious and what is not.
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First Five Podcast: Saving Local News

First Five

Rep. Mark DeSaulnier of California discusses the “Saving Local News Act of 2019” (H.R. 3126). If it becomes law, the bill would make it easier for local news organizations to gain non-profit tax status and better deal with the financial challenges many face.
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Denver NewsTrain: ‘A spa day for the brain’

Journalism instructor Farideh Dada (Summer 2006) attends APME’s Denver NewsTrain to refine skills.
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We Once Went “MAD” for the Magazine — and It Was Fun and Funny

MAD Magazine, Mascot

The world is soon going to be a little bit less MAD — and the poorer for it.
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Qualified Immunity Once Again Protects Prison Officials

Jail, prison, stock

A recent decision from a U.S. Court of Appeals rejected two First Amendment claims by an inmate based on qualified immunity.
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An Anything Goes Approach to Trademarks: The FUCT Clothing Line


Lack of a trademark does not stop clothing manufacturers from using a brand name such as “FUCT,” but does deny certain benefits, such as protection from imitators.
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The Fate of the Lemon Test: D.O.A. or Barely Surviving?

Supreme Court, AP,

The Lemon test took several blows in the court’s decision in American Legion v. American Humanist Association, which upheld the constitutionality of a 32-foot high Latin cross.
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