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Power Shift Project Releases Report on #MeToo’s Impact on Media

Power Shift Summit 2.0 brought together more than 100 editors, reporters and experts to assess what’s changed since revelations of sexual harassment rocked the media industry.
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Looking Back on SXSW 2019

Our featured speakers discussed thought-provoking questions about fostering inclusivity in media organizations, the place of religion in public life and censorship challenges facing student journalists.
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‘First Five’ Commentary on First Amendment Issues Returns to Weekly Distribution

The “First Five” weekly column replaces the commentary known as “Inside the First Amendment,” written by various Institute staff since the mid-1990s.
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2018 Orientation: Rishika Dugyala

Chips Quinn Scholars 25th Anniversary

An internship challenged Rishika Dugyala (Summer 2018) to re-examine her sense of identity, privilege and role as a journalist.
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First Five Podcast: A conversation with a high school journalist

The First Five

A discussion with Melody Gebremedhin, an editor for The Paw Print, at Pullman High School in Pullman, Wash. The second in a series exploring student journalism and celebrating 2019’s Year of the Student Journalist.
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Compelled Speech Doctrine Should Apply in Challenges to Sex Registration Laws

First Amendment

Forcing a person to register as a sex offender may violate the right to freedom of speech.
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Censoring Students for Pro-Trump Clothing is Problematic

Trump, MAGA, hat, free speech

Students have the right to engage in political speech at school. Censorship is not the answer.
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On Campus Speech: Thanks, Mr. President — But No Thanks

Free Speech, campus, backpack

Taking a shortcut through the First Amendment in the name of free speech is not a good idea — and that’s what Trump’s approach will be.
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Federal Court Will Allow Prosecutors to Introduce Parts of Music Videos in Trial of Rapper Kontraversy

Federal prosecutors may introduce rap music videos and an interview depicting a rapper with drug and weapons charges without violating the First Amendment.
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