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Breaking the Code: Stan Lee’s Stand Against Censorship

Stan Lee

The passing of Stan Lee yesterday morning inspired tributes to his brilliance as the editor and writer behind Marvel Comics.
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Where in the world are our Chipsters: Washington, D.C.

Poon, Catone, CQS,

Check out the latest photo in our Where in the World Are Our Chipsters series to see who paid a visit to CQS Program Director Karen Catone in Washington, D.C.
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Where in the world are our Chipsters: Welches, Ore.

CQS, Tanglao, Villeneuve

Where in the World Are Our Chipsters? At a women-in-journalism gathering in Oregon.
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Freedom Forum Institute’s Special Coverage of the 2018 Midterms

RSF, Reporters Without Borders, Vote

In partnership with Our.News, the First Amendment Center releases new resources that empower online news consumers.
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NewseumED Fights Misinformation This Media Literacy Week

NewseumED-Facebook partnership

NewseumED will be running daily activities throughout its social media channels — each with a video related to a letter in NewseumED’s acronym E.S.C.A.P.E. to evaluate information.
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“To bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance”


In a series of letters written in 1790, George Washington reassured Quakers, Catholics, Baptists and Jews that they would be safe under a government committed to religious freedom.
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Kristen Farrington named Executive Director of Freedom Forum Institute’s Religious Freedom Center

Religious Freedom Center

Farrington has served as director of the Center since September 2017, and joined the RFC in 2016.
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Rhetorical Hyperbole Protects Free Speech

Rhetorical hyperbole is a concept important to the protection of free speech under the First Amendment. Many benefit from the principle, including protestors, sportswriters, editorialists and even the President of
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You Think Bombs Will Deter, Discourage and Destroy Freedom? Think Again.

Pipe Bomb, Time Warner, CNN

If you think this latest round of attacks, as dangerous and sad and reprehensible as it is, will quiet a free people, guess again.
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