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Austin Tice, free press

August 14, 2018 marks six years since American journalist Austin Tice went missing in Syria.
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‘Freedom’ is best response to white supremacy hatemongers

Charlottesville protesters

Attempts to censor neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups is a betrayal of our nation’s core principles — not to mention ineffective and counterproductive.
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Podcast: Protecting Dissent

While most people are distracted by watching the White House, states are trying to pass laws that will chill the freedom to protest.
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Trump’s Heightened Attacks on the Media are an Affront to the First Amendment

Free Press, Journalist, Journalism

Yesterday, David Kaye, UN special rapporteur and IACHR special rapporteur, Edison Lanza, issued a joint statement.
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The First Amendment was Meant for Times Like Now

Fighting Fake News: How to Outsmart Trolls and Troublemakers

The First Amendment’s protections of a free press were not intended to simply be nice words on parchment or on stone.
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Chipsters at 2018 NAHJ and NAJA

CQS, Polacca, Duty

Chipsters have a presence at the 2018 conventions of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and Native American Journalists Association through their outreach and accomplishments.
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Newly Developed Executive Seminars and Trainings Help Companies Embrace Religious Diversity and Inclusion

RFC, Professional Development, Stock

The Religious Freedom Center in collaboration with the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, has developed a set of executive seminars and trainings.
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Media Leaders Share Innovative Ideas to Create Safer, More Diverse Workplaces at Power Shift Program

“Shifting the Power”

Leaders from Dow Jones, NPR and Politico described ways their companies are promoting newsroom inclusion at the “Shifting the Power” forum.
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