Inclusive Leadership

Why Inclusive Leadership Matters

and Why it is Key to the Power Shift Curriculum

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Eight Things Inclusive Leaders Do
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When the Power Shift Project launched in 2018, the media industry was reeling from #MeToo scandals. Even as the Freedom Forum stepped up to address harassment and discrimination against women, we knew we had to widen our focus. As we worked with and listened to leaders of affinity groups in journalism and beyond, it was clear that the challenges of diversity, equity and inclusion were intersectional. Our work had to embrace all who face workplace exclusion, inequity or injustice.

That’s why we focused first on helping build stronger workplace cultures by creating our Workplace Integrity curriculum. Here’s the goal:

Environments free of harassment, discrimination and incivility and filled with opportunity, especially for those who have traditionally been denied it.

While we have trained hundreds of Workplace Integrity trainers for newsrooms and university classrooms, our country has faced a COVID-19 pandemic, continued racial reckoning and changes across the media landscape. In response, we continuously update our curriculum for current events and teaching platform flexibility.

Through our network of trainers and our Trainers Council, we know the demand for workshops that promote diversity, equity and inclusion is robust and that our programs are having meaningful impact.

In addition to our Workplace Integrity curriculum, we regularly offer another Power Shift module, “Do You Qualify as an Ally?”,  aimed at individuals who aspire to be trusted forces for good and allies against inequity. This public webinar identifies 10 specific things that aspiring allies know and do, and it is also regularly updated to reflect current events and best practices. The webinar is offered live, with every class recorded and available for viewing on our website.

But even as we help organizations strengthen their cultures and support individuals who aspire to be allies, we know a simple truth: All are enriched by the commitment of people who hold power and influence in organizations and groups. When they are invested and involved, good things happen.

That’s the reason for our Inclusive Leadership webinar.

When leaders are inclusive, they set the tone for others. Their efforts are contagious. They change things for the better.

Here’s our description of what inclusive leaders do:

Inclusive leaders advance the success and sense of belonging among all staff members, especially those who have traditionally been excluded or underrepresented.

Our Inclusive Leaders webinar focuses on three key areas:

  • Learning and growing as an individual.
  • Leading others to success and belonging.
  • Driving organizational commitment.

The Inclusive Leadership webinar reviews eight things inclusive leaders know and do. The advice is practical, the examples are authentic, the insights come from research, and guidance comes from longtime advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion in journalism and beyond.

Who are the prime candidates for this webinar? That’s simple: It will be most enlightening for people who rarely, if ever, have been made to feel they don’t really belong.

But we welcome all aspiring inclusive leaders, because we’ll help them lead from wherever they are.