Power Shift Project Book Club

Power Shift Project Book Club

The Power Shift Project is curating a list of books, documentaries and podcasts for aspiring allies who are dedicated to learning.

We’ve tapped the wisdom of our Power Shift Project board members, summit participants and Workplace Integrity trainers for their recommendations.

These recommendations include works that some have found transformational, and that many consider essential for those committed to diversity.

The list will continue to grow as we continue to reach out for new selections.

Recommendations are listed here with a personal note from each person who nominated a selection about why they chose it.

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Topic: Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

Dare to Lead: Brené Brown with Aiko Bethea on Inclusivity at Work: The Heart of Hard Conversations

podcast by Brené Brown

Recommended by Stephanie Hedrick, KWQC-TV

I appreciated Aiko’s insight into transactional leadership versus transformational leadership. She also wrote an article (an open letter to Corporate America) which gave great insight into how to put beliefs into actions. You can find part two of their conversation here.

“Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation”

book by Latasha Morrison

Recommended by Dana Ritter, CBN News

“This is specific to my world, inside the Christian bubble. Some unique circumstances. This book is great at equipping individuals and teams to have conversations about race, racism, privilege, and diversity in a non-intimidating way.”

“Success Through Diversity: Why the Most Inclusive Companies Will Win”

book by Carol Fulp

Recommended by Jade Forman, Gannett

“Diversity, inclusion, and its impact on business, revenue, and culture.”

“The Medici Effect: What Elephants & Epidemics Can Teach Us About Innovation”

book by Frans Johansson

Recommended by Joy Lin, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

“Shows how diversity and inclusion go hand in hand.”