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Class of 1999 (Fall)

1. Charles Anthony III, Xavier University, Brentwood (Calif.) News
2. Jason Begay, University of New Mexico, The Oakland (Calif.) Tribune
3. Tracey Compton, University of Washington, The Oakland (Calif.) Tribune
4. Amy Dam, California State University-Los Angeles, The Oakland (Calif.) Tribune
5. Buford Durr Jr., Jackson State University, The Oakland (Calif.) Tribune
6. Sally Farhat, University of Washington, Valley Times (Pleasanton, Calif.)
7. Lydia Gonzales, University of Nebraska, The Oakland (Calif.) Tribune
8. Susan Musoke, South Dakota State University, Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, Calif.)
9. Michelle Pinkard, Paul Quinn College, Hills Newspapers (Oakland, Calif.)
10. Tracey Plummer, Florida A&M University, The Oakland (Calif.) Tribune
11. Rawchayl Sahadeo, University of Florida, Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, Calif.)
12. Rachel Uranga, California State University-Northridge, West County Times (Richmond, Calif.)
13. Solange Uwimana, University of Colorado, Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, Calif.)