The purpose of the Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference is to promote the vital role of the First Amendment as a cornerstone of democracy and to inspire students to pursue journalism careers. High school juniors who will graduate in spring 2022 are encouraged to apply for the 2021 virtual conference scheduled for June 21 – 24.

Al Neuharth

Al Neuharth at the 2012 Free Spirit and Journalism Conference. (Maria Bryk/Newseum)

From Al Neuharth, founder of the Free Spirit and Journalism Conference

“Free press, free speech and free spirit.

The first two are easy to grasp:

Free Press: The freedom to print or broadcast without censorship.

Free Speech: The freedom to speak without compromise.

Free Spirit is harder to define.

Free spirits dream, dare and do. A free spirit can also be a risk-taker, a visionary, an innovative leader, an entrepreneur or a courageous achiever who accomplishes great things beyond his or her normal circumstances.

The Freedom Forum is committed to nurturing freedom across the USA. We hope the information on this website will inspire you to join in our mission to promote free press, free speech and free spirit for all people.”