Inside the First Amendment

Does it really matter that Americans don’t know exactly what the First Amendment says?

First Amendment

Americans are generally aware that the First Amendment gives them the right to express themselves but are pretty fuzzy on its actual details.
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We Hate “False News” Even More Than We Hate “Hate” On Social Media

Gene Policinski, headshot

The 2018 State of the First Amendment survey found that the more we know about our First Amendment freedoms, the less likely we are to agree with placing limits on those freedoms.
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The biggest threat to democracy might be the loss of local newspapers


It’s not national news media outlets that we need to worry about. Smaller newspapers are suffering.
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Half-Baked? The Supreme Court Decision on Masterpiece Cakeshop

LGBTQ flag

The Supreme Court’s much-anticipated decision on the Masterpiece Cakeshop case sidesteps overarching issues of religious freedom and gay rights.
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An ongoing outrage, a tragedy — and a puzzling farce

Journalists Memorial rededication ceremony

News of a Russian journalist faking his own death and the debate it ignited has overwhelmed another tragic journalist killing in Mexico and the deaths of two reporters here in the U.S.
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These Two States Are Pushing Laws to Criminalize Some Protests

Police at Protest

In the expressed interest of protecting critical infrastructure, these laws are designed to prevent protests that take place on or even near infrastructure sites.
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President’s press credential threat will be ‘trumped’ by the First Amendment

Trump at news conference

Here’s how the media should respond to President Trump’s threat to block reporters from White House press briefings.
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Journalists being killed, jailed, threatened – and that’s no joke

Ten journalists were killed Monday in attacks in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the U.S. media was still focused on a comedian’s controversial performance at Saturday’s White House Correspondents Dinner.
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Hannity Hassle: Let’s Apply ‘the Five W’s and How’

Sean Hannity

If the burning national question of the moment is whether Fox News Channel star Sean Hannity is a “journalist” or not, let’s use the long-held set of journalistic questions to investigate.
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Sinclair: Next time, just put your name to the message

Sinclair Broadcasting aired a poorly-disguised promo decrying “fake news” across its local news stations, drawing sharp criticism from other media outlets who feel targeted.
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