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The First Amendment protects five core freedoms that are under attack every day — from the left, the right, and everywhere in between. First Five strives to foster interest in First Amendment news and provide a platform for discussion among enthusiasts and activists.


First Five provides your weekly dose of First Amendment news. This quick read summarizes major news, law, scholarship, technology and other commentary as it relates to First Amendment topics.

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Hosts Lata Nott and Freedom Forum Institute president Gene Policinski talk to the personalities in the news around cutting-edge issues and challenges to the First Amendment, providing first-hand insight and informative inquiry.

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Enjoy regular commentary on First Amendment issues from Gene Policinski and Lata Nott and periodic contributions by other experts at the Institute.

First Five Newsletter: September 5, 2019

First Five

Attempts to hinder First Amendment rights, Google’s big fine, social media’s misinformation origin and more.
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First Amendment Protections Resilient for Free Speech, Free Press

Freedom of Speech

Any attempts to limit First Amendment rights deserve scrutiny, but clearly run against the core values held by sizeable majorities in an era when such majorities rarely exist.
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First Five Newsletter: August 29, 2019

First Five

Religious studies in schools, Bitcoin’s protection by the First Amendment, the need for a diverse press and more.
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Back to School — And Religion Is on the Syllabus?


It may surprise some, but a significant majority of Americans — including public school teachers — say yes.
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First Five Newsletter: August 22, 2019

First Five

Religious beliefs in the workplace, suspended social media disinformation campaign and more.
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Can Government Contractors Refuse Workers Based on Religious Beliefs?

Office Meeting

The greatly expanded scope of the exemption means that it has the potential to bolster one aspect of religious freedom (for some) while undermining another.
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First Five Newsletter: August 15, 2019

First Five

Online censorship protections, social media controversies, federal employee union lawsuit and more.
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Are social media companies going “too far” to regulate content on their platforms?

Social media

Americans are no longer taking everything they see on the internet at face value — and that’s a good thing for our democracy.
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First Five Newsletter: August 8, 2019

First Five

Conspiracy theories’ harmful effects, amendment to limit campaign spending, dismissed lawsuit against Wikileaks and more. First Five Column Katharine Kosin and Kirsti Kenneth reflect on the renewed public discussion of potential
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Countering Conspiracy Theories with Critical Thinking

Online, Laptop

Conspiracy theories are growing, alongside their consequences, but it is possible to help limit their spread and harmful effects.
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