Freedom of the Press

Five dead, more hurt at Annapolis newspaper – a sad, sad story

Annapolis, Capital Gazette

“Enemies of the people?” No. Journalists are “the people.”
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New Website Tracks Press Freedom Abuses in the U.S.

Press Freedom Tracker

The Newseum Institute partnered with the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and others to launch the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker.
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Newseum to Rededicate Its Journalists Memorial During June 5 Ceremony

The memorial will be updated with the names of 14 journalists who died in pursuit of the news in 2016.
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Hassling journalists damages our ‘watchdog on government’

Another incident of a journalist being “manhandled” at a federal office building should set off alarm bells across partisan lines.
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Attacking a free press: Actions speaker louder than heated words

Verbal assaults on the press are nothing new, and even expected. But when words cross over into action, everyone’s freedom is threatened.
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Newseum Co-Hosts Seminar on Press Freedom at the Swedish Embassy

The event marked the 250th anniversary of Sweden’s Freedom of the Press Act, which was the first in history.
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Calif. principal seizes student newspaper

Student journalists at a Central Valley high school are getting a lesson in the First Amendment after administrators confiscated their newspaper over concerns about a campus safety article quoting school administrators as saying that recent lockdown drills and two reports of weapons on campus revealed poor communication.
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Appellate court to consider Calif. paparazzi law

A judge has declined to reconsider his ruling dismissing charges filed under California’s anti-paparazzi law which will trigger a full appeal before a panel of judges who have indicated they believe the law is constitutional.
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Tenn. city allows newspaper sales on sidewalks amid lawsuit

Newspaper vendors in Brentwood, Tenn., may now legally sell papers on city sidewalks, The Tennessean reports.
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