The First Amendment protects activities adjacent to voting, but stops short of voting itself


The right to express your political opinion is incredibly valuable and deserving of the utmost protection. But it’s strange that the same protection doesn’t extend to your ability to actually enact political change.
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Reflection: Seth Prince, University of Oklahoma

Chips Quinn Scholars

Seth Prince (1999) reflects on the controversy involving an OU professor who used a racial slur in class.
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Chipsters in the World: St. Petersburg, Fla.

Mary Kay Blake and Cindy Carcamo

Check out the latest photo in our Where in the World Are Our Chipsters series.
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Google v. Oracle: Tech battle ultimately about free speech

First Five 2.20 Feature v2

Current Supreme Court case between Google and Oracle could limit our ability to communicate with each other, dampening the web’s potential for increasing public engagement in debate and decision on matters that affect us all.
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Lifting Every Voice in Religious Freedom

First Five RFC social lifting voice

It is important to explore religious freedom through the lens of African American perspectives because we must lift every voice that has been impacted by religious discrimination and bigotry.
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Focus on when the First Amendment protects – and doesn’t

First Five

Online platforms and social media sites are free to set their own practices and rules on what we do see or post, but a proposed Arizona House bill ” related to access to online content” could change that.
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Power Shift Summit 2020 Report

Power Shift Summit 2020

The summit convened more than 100 leaders across journalism and the media industry to explore the critical role that individuals can play in fighting harassment and discrimination.
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‘Getting It Right’ — on Kobe Bryant and Everything Else

Kobe Bryant Mourning

“Getting it right” is one reliable defense for a free press in today’s media world against critics who often base objections and critiques more on political differences than factual error.
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Don’t Get Stuck on Prayers in Public Schools


It’s time we stop reducing complex questions of religion and education to political debates about prayer.
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First Amendment-ish

First Amendment

The First Amendment prevents the government from censoring or punishing your speech, but it doesn’t apply to private organizations.
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