Summer 2018: Zahria Rogers

Zahria Rogers (Summer 2018) reflects on her CQS internship experience.
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Punishing Congress Members for Free Speech Violates First Amendment

U.S. Capitol

The essence of our First Amendment freedoms is the government may not inhibit or punish us for our speech, regardless of the content of that speech.
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Are social media companies going “too far” to regulate content on their platforms?

Social media

Americans are no longer taking everything they see on the internet at face value — and that’s a good thing for our democracy.
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Austin Tice, free press

August 14, 2019 marks seven years since American journalist Austin Tice went missing in Syria.
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Two Public Media Stations Chosen to Receive Workplace Integrity Training

Power Shift Project

Public Media Journalists Association has chosen two member stations to receive Workplace Integrity training free of charge. The initiative is part of a pilot project with the Power Shift Project to partner with stations to improve workplace cultures.
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Federal Judge Rules Middle School Officials Could Punish Student for Writing ‘Trump 2016’ on Whiteboard


The district court emphasized that the punishment did not relate to any particular political viewpoint.
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Countering Conspiracy Theories with Critical Thinking

Online, Laptop

Conspiracy theories are growing, alongside their consequences, but it is possible to help limit their spread and harmful effects.
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A ‘More Modest’ Approach: Making Lemonade Without Lemon

Peace Cross

A recent court case deliberated over the deconstruction of the Bladensburg Cross due to citizens regarding it to be offending rather then a memorial honoring WW1 soldiers.
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Chipsters in the World: Washington, D.C.

Chipsters in the World: CQS program director Karen Catone receives a summer visitor at the Newseum in the nation’s capital, with two other Chipsters in tow – at least on paper.
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Phoenix NewsTrain: Requesting records

Rocío Hernández (Summer 2015) attends APME’s Phoenix NewsTrain to gain journalism skills and insights
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