Announcing Power Shift Summit 2.0 Program and Conversation Leaders

Power Shift Project

The summit will feature news industry leaders at the forefront of creating change, as well as journalists who have covered sexual misconduct stories across the country.
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Evangelical, Muslim, Jewish. It’s time we all renew our commitment to religious freedom.

religious freedom, RFC, religious freedom center,

Religious freedom can be a divisive issue, but it’s important. My group is renewing our commitment to the First Amendment, by signing this charter.
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Misinformation, Hoaxes and Hyperpartisan News

We’re increasingly swapping the sort of stories that aren’t really meant to be read. This kind of content signals to others about where you stand.
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Note to White House: You Don’t Get to Decide the “Rules,” Either

White House

Even as the White House restored the “hard pass” to CNN’s Jim Acosta, permitting him onto White House grounds, it promulgated some new, unrealistic rules for journalists.
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Midterm Misinformation Trends and the Most Shared News Stories on Social Media

The U.S. midterm elections were a test of whether we’ve learned anything about how to deal with the spread of misinformation.
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Sorry Mr. President — You Don’t Get to Choose

Acosta, CNN, Trump, free press, freedom of the press

Whoever told you that you should pull Jim Acosta’s security pass — or failed to tell you that you shouldn’t — was wrong.
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Power Shift Project Graduates Its Latest Class of Trainers

Power Shift Project, Workplace Integrity, Trainers

A third group of trainers completed the “Workplace Integrity” workshop and are qualified to facilitate this unique training.
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Making the Web, Social Media ‘Better’ Places — with Caution

We need to temper calls to “protect” ourselves from that which we do not like, lest we replace such with sanitized content intended to pacify rather than inform.
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Freedom Forum Institute Announces Power Shift Summit 2.0

Jill Geisler, Power Shift, Summit 2.0

The second summit, which will be held on Jan. 15, 2019, keeps the spotlight on #MeToo in media.
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Breaking the Code: Stan Lee’s Stand Against Censorship

Stan Lee

The passing of Stan Lee yesterday morning inspired tributes to his brilliance as the editor and writer behind Marvel Comics.
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