White House “Chills” on Free Speech

White House

Most government employees have severe restrictions on their First Amendment rights. Some of these restrictions are justified. But there are plenty of examples of this censorship going too far.
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First Amendment Center’s Newstrition Application Makes it to Mobile


Newstrition,empowers readers with details about the online news outlets they regularly consume.
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Carol Guzy Receives 2019 Al Neuharth Award for Excellence in the Media

Guzy, Al Neuharth Award

Pulitzer-prize winning photojournalist Carol Guzy was awarded the 2019 Al Neuharth Award for Excellence in the Media.
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Arresting a Person for Profanity Often Violates the First Amendment

gavel, stock, jury, judge

A three-judge panel affirmed in its decision that the key to the case is individuals often have a First Amendment right to utter profanity — even directed at police officers.
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New Assange Charges Raise Two First Amendment Alarms

Julian Assange

We know journalism when we see, read or hear it, not when a government official tells us.
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Propaganda on the Ballot

As we prepare for the 2020 presidential election, let’s all do our part to ensure that the information we consume and share is factually accurate.
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First Five Podcast: Deep Conviction — A Look At Religious Liberty

First Five

Author and lawyer Steven Collis talks about four very different Americans who put their reputations and livelihoods at risk to preserve and live their personal beliefs.
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Freedom Forum Institute Considers a World without Journalists and Recognizes Journalists Who Died in 2018


Imagine a world without journalists. What would a world without them to report the news look like?
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Justice Sonia Sotomayor Once Again is the Most Speech-Protective Justice

Supreme Court

Sotomayor recognizes that sometimes officers arrest individuals out of retaliation for their speech more so than because a person has committed a crime.
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