Newseum Institute Renamed Freedom Forum Institute

Freedom Forum Institute logo

The Institute will continue championing the First Amendment under its new name.
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Survey Shows that Americans are Becoming Savvier News Consumers

Fake News

About 30% of Americans engage with the news every day of the week, and almost three out of four of all Americans do something to verify the news they receive, according to a new survey by the First Amendment Center of the Newseum Institute.
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Tempest in a Teapot, or Taking A Necessary Stand

Guest columnist Jack Kirschenbaum discusses Richard Spencer’s visit to the University of Florida–and what the proper response should be to events like this.
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Podcast: Killing the Watchdog

How quickly can a despotic government dismantle a free press? In this episode of The First Five, we talk to Abdulhamit Bilici, former editor-in-chief of the largest newspaper in Turkey, now living in exile after President Erdogan’s takeover of the press and imprisonment of over 150 journalists.
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Spotting Fake News

Escape Fake News

Fake news is nothing new. Despite its rise to fame thanks to the 2016 presidential election, the phenomenon has been around since humans have been able to relay information – from spoken word to the first newspapers and now, to social media. It’s also nothing to be afraid of. When armed with the right tools and information, anyone can spot fake news from a mile away.
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D.C. Judge Approves Warrant for Government Access to Inauguration Protesters’ Data

A D.C. judge rules in favor of government motion to seize data from website that helped organize anti-Trump protests in January.
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The Emperor’s New Climate Science

Federal environment agencies are refusing to disclose possible influence from fossil fuel companies. The new administration’s attitude towards climate science has federal employees afraid to open up to journalists.
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Wisconsin’s crackdown on Student Hecklers

“Free Speech on Campus” Conference

Wisconsin State Assembly passes a bill to crackdown on student hecklers at campus speeches. Opponents argue the measure gags freedom of speech instead of protecting it.
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SMU Prohibits a 9/11 Memorial on Dallas Hall Lawn

South Carolina Statehouse

Southern Methodist University asks students to move 9/11 memorial that has been on display in a central location on campus for the past 7 years.
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North Carolina Finalizes A New Campus Free Speech Law

The Restore Campus Free Speech Act is aimed at protecting guest speakers at state universities.
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