Author: Tori Baskind

Freedom Forum Institute Welcomes the Chips Quinn Scholars Class of 2019

Mizell Stewart, CQS, Power Shift Project

This diversity initiative fosters the professional growth of aspiring journalists, opening doors to careers in the media industry, with the goal of establishing greater newsroom diversity.
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Judy Woodruff Receives Lifetime Achievement Award at Annual Free Expression Awards

FEA, 2019, Woodruff

The anchor reflected upon the increasing challenges journalists face today and the importance and power of the journalism community.
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Newseum Education Team Will Join First Five Columnists

First Five

NewseumED will debut its first contribution on Thursday, April 11, with a column on the challenges and opportunities of today’s media cycle.
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2019 Free Expression Awards Inspire Renewed Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Queer Eye, FEA, free expression

The recipients of the Free Expression Awards represent the ways in which individuals committed to the principles of free expression and the First Amendment can create meaningful change and lasting impact.
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Looking Back on SXSW 2019

Our featured speakers discussed thought-provoking questions about fostering inclusivity in media organizations, the place of religion in public life and censorship challenges facing student journalists.
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Freedom Forum Institute and Newseum Feature Speakers at March 2019 South by Southwest Interactive Festival


These leaders will participate in discussions with experts in the media, religious liberty and journalism fields.
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Freedom Forum Institute President Interviews Ezra Klein, Founder of Vox, at Advertising Week DC, Sponsored by Newseum


Gene Policinski, president of the Freedom Forum Institute interviewed Ezra Klein, founder of Vox.
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Wells Fargo to Fund Media Literacy Education Programming

This generous donation makes possible critical education efforts to successfully navigate the contemporary media landscape.
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Austin Tice, free press

August 14, 2018 marks six years since American journalist Austin Tice went missing in Syria.
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Trump’s Heightened Attacks on the Media are an Affront to the First Amendment

Free Press, Journalist, Journalism

Yesterday, David Kaye, UN special rapporteur and IACHR special rapporteur, Edison Lanza, issued a joint statement.
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