Is Fear Making Us Better News Consumers?

tablet, First Amendment

Americans are no longer taking everything they see on the internet at face value — and that’s a good thing for our democracy.
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White House “Chills” on Free Speech

White House

Most government employees have severe restrictions on their First Amendment rights. Some of these restrictions are justified. But there are plenty of examples of this censorship going too far.
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Across Global Elections, Social Media Spreads Political Propaganda and Disinformation

RSF, Reporters Without Borders, Vote

These elections showcase the prominent role social media plays in the democratic process. It’s a crucial source of political information for voters — and a potential vehicle for misinformation.
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Sri Lanka Temporarily Blocks Social Media — Public Safety or Censorship?

Is the government taking a necessary step to ensure the safety of its people? Or is it a misguided act of censorship?
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Free Speech Makes Hypocrites of Us All

free speech

While everybody loves the First Amendment in theory, nobody’s all that fond of it in practice.
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News — Can We Own It? Should We Be Able To?

Newspapers, IFA

Information about the world around us is a right, a public good — and also a product.
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The Ripple Effects of the Government Shutdown — Why We Should be More Civil to our Civil Servants

TSA, associated press, government shutdown

How’s our economy doing? Are the Trump tariffs actually working? Is it a good time to buy a house, start a business or invest in the stock market? No one knows.
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Misinformation, Hoaxes and Hyperpartisan News

We’re increasingly swapping the sort of stories that aren’t really meant to be read. This kind of content signals to others about where you stand.
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Midterm Misinformation Trends and the Most Shared News Stories on Social Media

The U.S. midterm elections were a test of whether we’ve learned anything about how to deal with the spread of misinformation.
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Free speech on college campuses is about education, not legislation

Students, Classroom, University, College, Education

Ken Paulson, president of the Freedom Forum Institute’s First Amendment Center, testified at a Congressional hearing on First Amendment rights on college campuses.
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