These Two States Are Pushing Laws to Criminalize Some Protests

Police at Protest

In the expressed interest of protecting critical infrastructure, these laws are designed to prevent protests that take place on or even near infrastructure sites.
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Podcast: How do you solve a problem like Facebook?


Can sites like Facebook censor fake news and hate speech? Can the government make them? And if so–is that a good idea?
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2018 Competitors

School Name Team Number Boston College 1 University of Maryland 2 Wayne State 3 Temple University 4 Loyola University – Chicago 5 University of California – Los Angeles 6 Florida
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Can anti-profanity laws and the fighting words doctrine be squared with the First Amendment?

First Amendment scholar David Hudson discusses why these laws are constitutional–and why that’s a problem.
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Florida State University College of Law Wins Moot Court Competition

The team took top honors at this year’s Seigenthaler-Sutherland Cup National First Amendment Moot Court Competition.
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Are high schools teaching students to devalue free speech?

When high school students are threatened and punished for using their First Amendment rights, is it any wonder they show intolerance of free speech as they enter college?
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Are Students Losing Their Free Speech Rights?

March For Our Lives

The Supreme Court decided that students had First Amendment rights in 1969–but since then schools and courts have lost much of that respect for student free speech.
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Is legislator-led prayer constitutional?

The Establishment Clause says that the government can’t establish a religion or favor one set of believes over another.  When local government officials open their meetings with prayers, are they
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Podcast: Free Speech and the Internet

What does freedom of speech mean in the age of the internet? Legendary First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams breaks down the major challenges we face today.
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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Being a Good Citizen

American flag

Here, the bare minimum we should all be doing to be fair-minded and well-informed citizens.
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