From NBA to Trump to our ears and eyes, how free speech works

Freedom of Speech

Other nations may have rules or laws that in some fashion say they protect or really do protect freedom of speech, but none has quite the same strong constitutional protection that we have in the U.S.
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First Amendment Freedoms Not Just ‘Office Hours’ or When Convenient

Closed Sign

Our First Amendment freedoms don’t keep office hours.
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First Amendment Protections Resilient for Free Speech, Free Press

Freedom of Speech

Any attempts to limit First Amendment rights deserve scrutiny, but clearly run against the core values held by sizeable majorities in an era when such majorities rarely exist.
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Punishing Congress Members for Free Speech Violates First Amendment

U.S. Capitol

The essence of our First Amendment freedoms is the government may not inhibit or punish us for our speech, regardless of the content of that speech.
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Let’s Get ‘Mad as Hell’ About the Vital Information We Won’t Get to See

FOIA, stock

A democratic republic based in the ultimate authority of an informed electorate requires the highest degree of government transparency.
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We Once Went “MAD” for the Magazine — and It Was Fun and Funny

MAD Magazine, Mascot

The world is soon going to be a little bit less MAD — and the poorer for it.
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An Anything Goes Approach to Trademarks: The FUCT Clothing Line


Lack of a trademark does not stop clothing manufacturers from using a brand name such as “FUCT,” but does deny certain benefits, such as protection from imitators.
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We Know More About the First Amendment — For the Wrong Reasons

SOFA2019, Gene, State of the First Amendment survey

When our freedoms are under attack, we pay attention and push back.
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New Assange Charges Raise Two First Amendment Alarms

Julian Assange

We know journalism when we see, read or hear it, not when a government official tells us.
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Defending all of us by Defending a Free Press

journalist, free press, stock, camera

We should all be concerned when journalists are prevented from representing us when and where news occurs.
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