Justice Owen Roberts’ Most Memorable First Amendment Passages

Justice Owen J. Roberts (1875 – 1955) was a U.S. Supreme Court Justice perhaps best known for changing his view on the constitutionality of federal New Deal legislation that established
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Five First Amendment Passages from Charles Evans Hughes

Charles Evans Hughes

Charles Evans Hughes served on the U.S. Supreme Court on two different occasions – first as an associate justice (1907 – 1916) and then as chief justice (1930 – 1941).
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Justice Kagan on the First Amendment

Justice Elena Kagan has served on the U.S. Supreme Court since 2009. In her previous career as an academic, she wrote powerful First Amendment scholarship.  She participated in First Amendment
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Federal Judge Rules Kentucky Governor’s Facebook and Twitter Accounts are Government Speech

Kentucky Governor Matt G. Bevin can remove people from his official Twitter and Facebook pages without violating the First Amendment, a federal district court judge has ruled in denying those
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Ohio Appeals Court Affirms Disorderly Conduct Conviction for Man Who Uttered Profane and Sexual Insults at Police Officer

A former sheriff’s department employee who was convicted of disorderly conduct for his vile language directed at another officer at a gas station lost his appeal before an Ohio appeals
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Police officers’ First Amendment claims proceed, survive Garcetti

Several police officers from Bishop, California, who alleged they were retaliated against after publishing a no-confidence letter against the former police chief had their First Amendment claims survive a motion
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Federal Appeals Court Applies Ministerial Exception Broadly – Even to Secular Employer

The former hospital chaplain at New York Methodist Hospital (NYMH) can’t pursue his race and religious discrimination claims, because a divided federal appeals court has ruled he is barred by
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Federal Judge Favors Resident Over Village of Scarsdale in Political Yard Sign Dispute

South Carolina Statehouse

The judge found that requiring residents to obtain permits to put up signs in their front yards “constitutes a near complete foreclosure of an important means of communication.”
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Retaliatory Arrest Case One of Vital Importance

The First Amendment and students: Speak up or shut up?

The Supreme Court’s decision might lead activists and journalists to self-censor.
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Supreme Court Should Heed Warnings Over Professional Speech Doctrine

United States Supreme Court

That’s the concept of regulating the speech of professions when they’re advising patients or clients–and it’s easy to take it too far.
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