What’s the problem you are trying to address with this innovative training?

Let me answer that by providing a peek at the Facilitator’s Guide for the curriculum, where the learning objectives are laid out:

Format: The interactive program consists of three modules, designed to be taught in succession, as one complete event. Each session builds on the others.

Learning objectives: Participants who complete the workshop should be able to take away these skills from each of the modules:

  1. Critical Thinking: How to analyze common workplace exchanges related to harassment, discrimination and incivility — checking facts, providing context, identifying bias, surfacing assumptions and challenging logic.
  2. Courageous Conversations: How to better understand conflict and responses to it. How to speak proactively (introducing subjects) and reactively (responding to the words and actions of others) to ensure workplace integrity.
  3. Do You Qualify as an Ally: Practical insights for men who want to be allies to women, people of privilege who want to do more to fight inequity and powerful individuals who want to be better advocates for change.
  4. Cultures of Respect and Trust: How to assess and improve your workplace culture.

Category: Workplace Integrity Curriculum