Chipsters in the World: Phoenix

Emma Carew Grovum (2009), left, and Tracie Hunte (2002)

Random Chipster encounter: Emma Carew Grovum (2009) and Tracie Hunte (2002) discovered they were both CQS alumnae during a session at the Editorial Integrity and Leadership Initiative for public media leaders at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in Phoenix in January. Tracie is participating in the initiative as a fellow, Emma, as a coach. “We were in a session and I started talking about CQS as an example of an internship-scholarship program that worked,” says Tracie, who is a reporter for Radiolab at WNYC Studios. Adds Emma, who is a New York-based newsroom consultant and leadership coach, “Tracie was talking about the program, and I overheard and literally squealed with joy!” The Corporation for Public Broadcasting funds the initiative.


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