First Amendment Center’s Newstrition Application Makes it to Mobile

Newstrition, First Amendment Center

The free application allows users to easily fact-check the news they read on their mobile phones

Today, the First Amendment Center of the Freedom Forum Institute unveiled its Newstrition® iOS application, a mobile adaptation of the Chrome and Firefox browser extensions it launched late last year in collaboration with social news platform Our.News.

Newstrition, an interactive tool that helps users make informed decisions about what is real news and what is misinformation, empowers readers with details about the online news outlets they regularly consume.

“One of the things we found as we did research and talked to people…is that the public feels like they’re not part of the (news) process. They feel like they’re not being heard in a lot of ways,” explained Richard Zack, Our.News CEO.

The free application allows users to easily fact-check the news they read on their mobile phones, providing them with quick and verified information about who published a news story, what sources it relies upon and whether others consider it to be opinion or news.

“Misinformation is a threat to the free press and the public’s right to accurate information about the world around them — but solutions that involve censoring content jeopardize free speech. We’re hoping Newstrition will enable users to make their own decisions about the news they read, and we’re thrilled that we can now offer this service on mobile devices, where the majority of Americans get their news,” explained Lata Nott, the First Amendment Center’s executive director.

An interactive nutrition label for news, the application also provides users with the ability to add sources (crowdsourced fact-checking) and an opportunity to rate news articles themselves.

Join with a social app or register with an email address to create your free account. The mobile application is now available for download at the App Store. After installing the mobile app, just read the news anywhere you normally do. When you want to dig deeper, open Newstrition by either tapping the Newstrition icon, or tapping Share, then Newstrition!

In April, the Institute and Our.News also announced a partnership with AllSides, a media technology company that offers a nonpartisan approach to measuring bias. AllSides’ media bias ratings are now incorporated within the Newstrition tool. AllSides exposes people to information and ideas from all sides of the political spectrum. Last month, Lata Nott interviewed John Gable, co-founder and CEO of AllSides, to discuss how this organization overcomes the polarization of varying political views and perspectives.

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