2019 Summer Class

Summer 2019 Chips Quinn Scholars. Front row, from left: Juliana Kim, Gabrielle Cooke, Isabel Lohman, Alexis Clark (kneeling), Zoe Jackson, Siandhara Bonnet, Kalaisha Totty (holding tripod), Edward Moreno. Middle row, from left: Laura Zornosa, Barbara Smith, Olivia Sanchez, Ava Garcia, Leslie Ignacio, Joseph Choi, Rebekah Tuchscherer, Margo Snipe, Garrett Ammesmaki, Nugesse Ghebrendrias, Lorenzo Morotti, Tsanavi Spoonhunter. Third row, from left: Clevis Murray, Hector Arzate, Jared Weber, Anthony Merriweather, Dani Matias, Riane Roldan, Irena Fischer-Hwang, Nirmal Mulaikal. (Photo: Anne Bailey)

Presenting the Summer 2019 class #1
Presenting the Summer 2019 class #2
Presenting the Summer 2019 class #3 

  • Day 1: Burning question about journalism
  • Day 2: Main takeaway from the Power Shift presentation
  • Day 3: Useful suggestion or piece of advice
  • Day 4: Speaker or session with the most impact
Multimedia projects

2019 Summer Mobile Media Storytelling
2019 Summer Mobile Media Videos
2019 Summer Videos (Final Project)

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