‘First Five’ Commentary on First Amendment Issues Returns to Weekly Distribution

The regular commentary from the Freedom Forum Institute on First Amendment issues is returning to weekly distribution as of March 14 under the name “First Five” – which also positions it under the same brand as the weekly podcast and newsletter.

The “First Five” weekly column replaces the now twice-monthly commentary known as “Inside the First Amendment,” written by various staff of the Institute since the mid-1990s. “First Five” is co-authored by Institute President Gene Policinski and First Amendment Center Executive Director Lata Nott. The pair also co-hosts the First Five podcasts and Nott compiles the newsletter.

Under the “First Five” brand:

  • The weekly column of 600-800 words reacts to breaking news around the five freedoms – religion, speech, press, assembly and petition – and examines the effects or import of proposals engaging the First Amendment;
  • The weekly podcast features interviews with personalities in the news around cutting-edge issues and challenges to the First Amendment, providing first-hand insight and informative inquiry;
  • The weekly newsletter provides a quick read and links to major news, law, scholarship, technology and commentary.

“We’re returning the commentary to a weekly schedule that’s mandated by the intense interest and activity around our core freedoms,” said Policinski. “So many of today’s political issues have a First Amendment component, from a free press and speech in controversial subjects, to the involvement of religion and religious liberty, to our rights to assemble and protest.”

The “First Five” commentary also will feature periodic contributions by other experts at the Institute, including Kristen Farrington, executive director of its Religious Freedom Center.

“The newsletter aims to be a quick roundup of the major First Amendment developments of the week,” said Nott. “The podcasts provide unique perspective and put the public in touch with the newsmakers or experts involved in some of the most significant policy debates or legislative proposals of our time.”

First Five Columnists

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