Freedom Forum Institute’s Special Coverage of the 2018 Midterms

The “Midterms 2018” webpage will equip the public with the tools necessary to distinguish real news from junk news.

The First Amendment Center of the Freedom Forum Institute and social news platform Our.News have created a “Midterms 2018” webpage dedicated to informing the public about the most shared midterm-related news stories.

“The platform will aggregate the most shared content about the 2018 midterm elections, as well as the most shared content about this year’s five most contested Senate races,” explained Lata Nott, executive director of the First Amendment Center. “The page encourages the public to seek reliable and trustworthy sources that showcase the facts.”

This special coverage of the 2018 midterms will equip the public with the tools necessary to distinguish real news from junk news. The page is non-partisan and transparent, and features verified background information on news publishers. The platform also crowdsources to determine the public’s assessment of the accuracy and reliability of various news pieces and sources.

The First Amendment Center and Our.News recently launched Newstrition®, an interactive tool that helps users make informed decisions about what is real news and what is misinformation. The free Chrome and Firefox browser extensions empower readers with details about the online news outlets they regularly use.

“This extension enhances people’s ability to determine the validity of the sources they read and share online,” said Gene Policinski, president and chief operating officer of the Freedom Forum Institute. “The tool serves as a comprehensive aid during a time where it has increasingly become the responsibility of the public to hold themselves accountable for the news pieces they use to stay informed.”

These extensions aim to make it easy for users to get information on who created the news they are consuming. An interactive nutrition label for news, Newstrition also provides users with relevant sourcing for each article, the ability to add sources (crowdsourced fact-checking) and an opportunity to rate news articles themselves.

“This tool empowers news consumers to see what’s behind the news they’re reading,” said Our.News founder Richard Zack. “Newstrition makes it easier for people to fact check and report junk news.”

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