Dear CQS alums: Take our survey today!

Karen Catone

Karen Catone

Tracking the whereabouts of more than 1,400 alumni over the 27-year history of the Chips Quinn Scholars Program is no easy task.

To help program leaders learn where your careers and lives have taken you, we’re asking all CQS alumni to complete a brief online survey. The information you provide is for our records only and will not be shared beyond the program.

Updated, accurate information about your current professional endeavors is important for several reasons. First, it provides a basis to help evaluate the scope and progress of the CQS program, information that is useful to program directors and funders.

“I am asked at least once a year by the Freedom Forum’s board of trustees to report on the success of the program,” says Karen Catone, whose responsibilities as executive director of diversity for the Freedom Forum Institute include oversight of the CQS program. “I rely on the CQS database to aggregate the information requested by trustees, yet increasingly I question the results/quality of the summaries because our database has not been formally updated in years,” Catone says.

An accurate set of contacts is also at the heart of one of the program’s biggest assets: as a networking resource for Chipsters seeking to land new jobs, recruit for open newsroom positions or find professional friends in a new city.

Finally, accurate information helps program leaders identify trends and assess how changes in the media landscape are affecting Chipsters and whether there are new ways of supporting alumni and future participants.

“One benefit of the survey is that it solicits ideas about how the program can better meet the needs of alumni in journalism careers,” says Colleen Fitzpatrick, CQS career coach and a Freedom Forum Institute fellow. “I’m eager to read those responses and hear about possible opportunities for strengthening alumni involvement in CQS,” she says.

Catone urges all CQS alumni to complete the survey as soon as possible – and to forward the survey to any alums you may be in touch with. “To assist in providing accurate information, won’t you please take a moment to complete this brief questionnaire?” she asks.

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