Podcast: How Worried Should You Be About the First Amendment?

Is the First Amendment really under attack, or is that just hyperbole? In this episode, we discuss our latest First Amendment report card and go over the actual threats facing our freedoms–and just how seriously we should be taking them.


In this episode of The First Five, Lata Nott discusses the quarterly First Amendment report card project that the First Amendment Center launched in April.  The report card was launched to keep track and assess the threats the First Amendment faces, and is based on the grades and commentary of a panel of fifteen lawyers, journalists, professors, and activists from across the political spectrum. The Fall 2017 report card, the third in the series, was released on October 16, 2017.   The results?  The First Amendment has a C+–and its GPA is on the decline.


Lata Nott is the Executive Director of the First Amendment Center at the Newseum Institute.


To learn more about how the First Amendment is doing, take a look at all of the First Amendment report cards.


2 thoughts on “Podcast: How Worried Should You Be About the First Amendment?

  1. I am a 8th grade history teacher and I stumbled onto your site yesterday. I am trying to think of ways that I can incorporate your podcasts into my lessons. I really enjoyed this one…lots of food for thought here. We are just getting started on learning about the Bill of Rights and the students are enthralled!
    It would be great if you had some accompanying discussion questions that could be used as a whole class after listening.

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