Jeff Herbst Steps Down as Newseum President and CEO

NewseumOn Monday the Newseum announced that it is launching a strategic review of its financial model, with the goal of ensuring the museum’s long-term sustainability and the effectiveness of its work.

Jeffrey Herbst, who led the Newseum for the past two years, stepped down Monday as president and CEO. Mr. Herbst’s accomplishments at the Newseum include raising the museum’s profile, increasing its fundraising base, and contributing to important national debates on freedom and free expression. The Newseum is grateful for his leadership.

In the interim, the Newseum will be led by an executive committee of Jan Neuharth, chair and CEO of the Freedom Forum, the Newseum’s principal funder; Peter Prichard, chair of the Newseum; and Scott Williams, chief operating officer of the Newseum.

The Newseum and the Freedom Forum are both as committed as ever to their joint mission — promoting, explaining and defending the First Amendment freedoms that are crucial to protecting our democratic way of life.

The First Amendment is under assault as never before. The Newseum and the Freedom Forum will continue their important work in support of the First Amendment through educational programs, innovative exhibits, advocacy opportunities and an ever-increasing digital and social media presence. With the current strategic review, the Newseum aims to find ways to financially sustain these important efforts.

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