Satan Strikes

By Samantha Grant

A park in Boca Raton, Florida plans on discontinuing its policy of allowing religious displays in the park.

This decision came after a 10-foot, 300-pound pentagram, known to be a satanic symbol, was put up in Sanborn Square Park’s free-expression zone.  The display was inscribed with the words “In Satan, we trust.”

This object instantly became a target of vandalism and criticism as many religious leaders considered it to be offensive.

The city originally allowed the pentagram to be displayed in the park in order to honor the constitutional rights for freedom of speech, religion and expression.  However, eigth-grade English teacher, Preston Smith, felt that the city’s stated commitment to honoring and respecting all religions was too good to be true.

This past December he brought in the satanic symbol into the park.

“This was a social experiment to expose the religious hypocrisy,” Smith said.  “If it takes the symbol of Satan to effect the change, so be it.”

Smith said banning religious displays would be a positive development.  




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