Social Media Strikes Back

By Samantha Grant

A federal judge ruled that the FBI and the Department of Justice cannot block Twitter from publishing “classified” information–Twitter’s own redacted reports of national security requests and surveillance warrants it received from the government.

There has been an ongoing legal battle between Twitter and the U.S. Government over the government preventing the social media platform from issuing its own information gathered on national security requests and warrants.

The battle originally began in 2014 when the company accused the FBI, U.S. Justice Department of violating their First Amendment rights by preventing them from broadcasting redacted transparency reports.

The government authorities claim the published content by Twitter could be damaging to national security, while Twitter argues that the information was released in the first place, making it available for anyone on the open market.
Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers agreed that the government would be apprehending Twitter’s First Amendment rights and free speech by preventing the publication of publicly released information:

“The government’s position ignores the important First Amendment safeguards that would be imperiled by such extreme deference to the executive’s classification decisions.”

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