Red Light for Colorado Man Facing Crosswalk Protest Charges

By Mira Soni

A Colorado man who was arrested last June for protesting at a crosswalk is now facing new charges.

John Hunt of Boulder, CO was arrested in June 2016 for obstructing traffic and resisting arrest while he protested against a pedestrian crosswalk enforcement detail sanctioned by the city’s police department. Hunt filed a civil suit against the city last week arguing that his free speech rights were violated, and that the surveillance footage proves he was arrested under false pretenses. The officer who arrested Hunt last June, Sgt. John Glenn, filed a police report and dashboard camera audio recording after the arrest. In his suit, Hunt argues that these documents were incorrect.

Two forensic audio experts analyzed the dash cam recording turned over to the defense last year and found it to be inauthentic. One of them described it as a “rerecording” in which “selective editing” had occurred in certain areas.

The city had dismissed the charges against Hunt after his 2016 arrest, but refiled them this week. According to the Boulder City Review, the charges include failure to yield, failure to place registration certificate in vehicle, impeding the ability of a driver to yield, resisting a public officer, and obstructing a police officer.

Additional Sources:

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