Herbst WSJ Op-Ed: Demand Will Have to Solve Fake News Problem

Jeffrey Herbst

Newseum president and CEO Jeffrey Herbst

Newseum president and CEO Jeffrey Herbst, writes in the Wall Street Journal about the rise, prevalence and consequences of fake news that is infiltrating the mainstream media — and the incontestable demand for this type of information.

In October, following a trip to Silicon Valley where Newseum executives met with technology companies, including Facebook, Google and Apple, Herbst emphasized that technology will continue to disrupt the news industry in the foreseeable future. The question is how —  an answer that will perhaps come to light as Herbst positions the Newseum as a convener of ideas on this very issue.

“It will be on the demand side that the fake news problem will largely have to be solved. If the customer wants higher quality news, the algorithms that shape social media will relentlessly ship excellent journalism. The question is how to convince customers to demand high quality news that may come at a price when they are swamped with low quality news that is free, and often more entertaining.”

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