CQS 25th Anniversary Tribute: Bettina Hansen


Bettina Hansen (Spring 2009)
Staff photographer
The Seattle Times

The luxury and curse of working for a daily newspaper is that my best work is always ahead of me. Since participating in the Chips Quinn Scholars program in spring 2009, I have continued to learn and grow as a photojournalist. A new story idea or assignment only deepens my hunger to improve.

Looking back, I am proud of a lot of my work. However, I am most grateful that the lessons and mindset I learned as a Chipster have become ingrained in me throughout my career.

The takeaway for me is that photography drives the look and feel of the paper in print and online, so it is imperative to approach stories with heart and sensitivity, and to venture into overlooked communities for daily and longer-term features that challenge stereotypes. Also, it’s important that personal caring comes through in my work.

I like to think that those lessons have not only benefited me as a journalist, but also enriched the lives of readers and subjects in a time when including diverse voices and faces inside the newsroom and in our coverage has never been more important.



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