CQS 25th Anniversary Tribute: Briana Sanchez


Briana Sanchez (Summer 2015)
Photo/Video Editor
West Central Tribune, Willmar, Minn.

The professional accomplishment I am most proud of is receiving third place from the Minnesota Newspaper Association for a news photo I took in 2015.

During my senior year of college, after spending most of my life in Texas and New Mexico, I had to decide whether I wanted to stay in the Southwest or go somewhere different for my Chips Quinn internship. Since the internship would last only three months, and since different is always good, I decided to head to St. Cloud, Minn., where I was a photo intern for the St. Cloud Times.


About 10 weeks into the internship, the photo editor asked if I was interested in staying longer to help the paper cover fall events. I declined the offer at first, thinking I’d head back home, but I quickly realized that it would be ridiculous not to accept the offer since I had no definite plans after the internship.

Three months turned into five. During those extra months I took the photo of an aerial drone that would later win the statewide media award. I was proud not only because I was an intern when I took the photo, but also because I went with my gut feeling and stayed at the St. Cloud Times a little longer.

Now, on to the next adventure.




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