CQS 25th Anniversary Tribute: Katie Nelson


Katie Nelson (Summer 2001)
News Director
The Huffington Post

I will be forever grateful for the foundation of skills and support that the Chips Quinn Scholars program gave me and many others as we started our careers. Working at the St. Cloud (Minn.) Times in 2001 was one of my first newsroom experiences — a summer of exploration and experimentation that was vastly enhanced by the CQS coaches and peers who were so generous with advice.

Relationships built through CQS led to more internships and then to full-time jobs at newspapers and wire services in the United States and overseas. My career path was concrete proof that professional networks matter, and that paying kindness and community forward are crucial for our collective success.

Infusing diversity — in all its wonderful forms — into newsrooms will never stop being a priority. I thank the Chips Quinn Scholars program for teaching me early in my career how and why we must all keep building on that priority and celebrating the successes.



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